Upcoming MDM Workshop

MDM Conference Blog

You may have seen some buzz on social media about a course in Minimally Disruptive Medicine and Shared Decision Making that we are offering for the first time this year. We wanted to give you an inside scoop.

Should you attend? If you are a physician, nurse, or healthcare provider (quality improvement specialist, pharmacist, social worker, health coach, care coordinator, etc.) interested in applying principles of patient-centered care at the front lines, YES! If you are a researcher or patient advocate interested in these topics, YES! Here’s what will happen during our time together.

Tuesday, September 27th, we will officially open the conference in KER Unit fashion with a wonderful cocktail hour and welcome reception. Then, September 28th and 29th, each day will have: one opening plenary and closing talk, two large-group workshops, a small group breakout session. (Don’t worry we have coffee breaks, too!)

Everyone will get to participate in all four large-group workshops on: 1) ICAN in practice 2) actions for Minimally Disruptive Medicine in practice now 3) in-encounter shared decision-making, and 4) user-centered design to develop patient-centered care strategies. Every participant will get a chance to attend two small group breakout sessions designed to facilitate discussion with experts in each topic. These are opportunities for participants to go more in depth with ideas they discover during the plenary sessions and large group workshops and wish to dive deeper into content.

We have planned for plenty of time for you to network with experts and with other like-minded individuals across institutions through long lunches at nearby local restaurants, two planned networking opportunities, as well as more time for socializing and a sit-down dinner Wednesday evening.

We have put a lot of heart into this content and we want your input too! If you have a specific interest you would like us to cover during the course or any questions, please feel free to reach out to us by email at boehmer.kasey@mayo.edu or on Twitter @kerunit.